Misguided Step

A single misguided step
found myself lost,
once walking along the shores
of your rocky love yet now
treading violent waters impassioned
with your ire, so I,
I open my mouth for air enough to
call out your name hoping
to find safety but I choke, gagging on
bitter air that has been seasoned
by distrust and set to a heated to boil
burning my throat and sending any hope
of our future together into the sky
vanishing as steam.



Swirling in everlasting ethereal essence
rarely touching upon single definitions
thus given no solidarity in meaning, only expression.

Universally felt by each, Once Upon A Time,
framing the good with joy while giving form to
enraged envy among other emotions.

Unable to be controlled, they take hold
and so, is this Sin?

Sin to feel envy or to be
jealous, or is Sin contrived only after
surpassing a symbolic and emotional state?

Evolving into actions for which
we are to be and will always be
individually responsible.


True beauty is more than a quantity,
it cannot be defined as a combination of qualities
just as it cannot be contained by a shape, a form, or a single color.
Beauty is everything, everywhere, and nowhere
sights which astound and amaze do not appeal to
those who cannot see and so they cannot appreciate their
“beauty” yet to others beauty is an act.
A simple willingly done action giving form
to thought and creating emotions of joy that are described
in the only sense that they can be and that is beauty.
But beauty is not simply an action, nor is it a combination of
emotions, sights, pleasure, or actions
beauty penetrates and becomes someones soul since we are all
so why do I feel ugly, why does anyone feel ugly when beauty is
just living.


People say that they want
but that is not true.

People want to be told what they
want to hear,
even if it is a lie.

Now I, I value honesty and that
leaves me with a problem,
should I tell her how I feel?

I told her how I felt,
she heard me with attentive ears yet,
my words fell flat before they truly reached her.

I have nothing to show for my honesty,
I only have the self-satisfaction that I
was true to myself and in the end,
that is all that really matters.

One Question

How can I make the decision
to tell her how I feel,
when she is already with

Should I, can I,
do I have the right to ask
if we could try,
knowing that it will end what she has if
she says yes.

Or if she says no,
what should I do for
no longer can we be just friends
once emotions are out in the open.

Awkward silences would hinge on every breath
anticipation would mount and be let down after every sentence,
our words will become loaded feeding the fire that is inexhaustible
for what I want is you, yet what I cannot do is ask if you want me too.