Catching rain with thimbles
small, delicate, shaken from induced chills
as droplets sieve through the holes
slowly caressing that shaking hand in cold,
comforting embrace of natural love.


Curious Weather

It’s raining again,
and my mind fixates on
the curious raindrops peeking too far
and falling in the midday sun,
colliding onto the asphalt
dotting it with wet reminders of chance
and landing on you,
highlighting your skin with a shimmer of
rainbow inducing magic
leaving no room in my mind
to think about anything else but
how the raindrops can occupy
our minds,
but I cannot enter your thoughts.


Downcast, I try to change my 
thoughts, eyes hanging down 
personifying those November skies whom 
coldly obscure the sun.

Downbeat, my eyes dance uneasy 
eventually tripping on themselves they fall 
onto your courageous smile, 
stealing them away from my irresponsible thoughts.

Downpour, emotional and artificial walls, 
barriers erected for solitude fortified and 
hardened from pain, instantly begin to 
smolder in flames. 

Upward, smoke-signals take flight 
signifying, above all else, opportunities.


Summer time reminds me of you,
the sandy beaches lay before me,
my eyes cast upon them finding small
imperfections, shells out of place,
lumps in the land, my footprints,
with every detail painting the pasts picture
only to be erased with the coming wind
as the footprints are covered as if a by a brush,
and the tiny imperfections are removed one by one as
new sand covers the past,
I ask that you not bury your past since I
always loved your imperfections.


We are all here waiting
for you to arrive.

Yet as you take your time
nature slows down and stops to smell,

The roses which have yet to grow since
you decided to take your time in coming.

Yet when you arrive we will rejoice
forgetting entirely that you made us wait.

Since that is just how human
emotions work.

Both for each other and
towards nature and life in general.

If we can, we forget, sheath, hide away
the negative and see only what we want.