Clear cerulean sapphires having dropped
surmounting to an asymmetrical reflective haze
causing me to look twice as it
abstracts the world from itself.


Curious Weather

It’s raining again,
and my mind fixates on
the curious raindrops peeking too far
and falling in the midday sun,
colliding onto the asphalt
dotting it with wet reminders of chance
and landing on you,
highlighting your skin with a shimmer of
rainbow inducing magic
leaving no room in my mind
to think about anything else but
how the raindrops can occupy
our minds,
but I cannot enter your thoughts.

Misguided Step

A single misguided step
found myself lost,
once walking along the shores
of your rocky love yet now
treading violent waters impassioned
with your ire, so I,
I open my mouth for air enough to
call out your name hoping
to find safety but I choke, gagging on
bitter air that has been seasoned
by distrust and set to a heated to boil
burning my throat and sending any hope
of our future together into the sky
vanishing as steam.

Making Maps

Is it wrong for me to
chart a map of my emotions,
to allow safe voyage
for your heart to the
inlet that is mine.

Myself surrounded and sheltered
by deep waves,
crashing only against each other
but drowning out possibilities
of newborn aimless-wandering love.


Cerulean skies mirage off waves
crafting polished sapphires of foam
set gleaming in refracted light,
blinding my sad thoughts
who now mindlessly navigate until
getting lost inside of myself,
leaving me abstracted, smiling,
in the absence of sadness.


Placid waters reflect
my changing emotions clearly
yet mistake my
expressions to be how I
truly feel.
Only a table away from
each other our eyes
cannot see straight
I look again
into your glass,
ice breaks up your face
clouding my vision
as we sit
unsure how each other
feel beneath placid reflections.