Certainty exists
only as far as belief,
ignorance is bliss.


Natural Holocaust

A natural Holocaust rages, today
tearing away at the elderly standing
for decades and now, overturned.
It consumes, burning brightly a
condolence candle composed of acres
melting together in ashen soil.
It denies, habitual homes and
dewy dusk laden grass growth
currently fenced in.
Restrained by manufactured life
tiling leased land feebly privatizing life
momentarily without hindrance
focused solely on today.

True Artist

Arthritis acting up prevents the artist
from painting with swirled medium
unable to whip blue hues across space
whom calmly dance upon the canvas, leaving
inflammatory reds procured through
the violent lashings of its creation
on the creator as the true artist
submits himself to his work.

Poison Ivy

Depression grows, ever sprawling
against the walls of
the mind.
Rooted in memories planted by
generational ghosts,
watered by peer pressure.
That poison ivy
exaggerated in media
beautified, even deified.
Life needs no exaggeration
forcing some towards medication,
wallpapering their room, essentially
renovating, making more space
but rarely ever cutting
down the plant.

Lies Gather

Some lies gather,
recollecting the past as if
dragging dirt into our
house and interrupting
a conversation with the
unique thud of a
mud encrusted shovel
released, dropping against
the floor causing
scarring to the white tile
with gouge marks
equivalent in size to the
lines that rail-road
along my arms.