Recreating The World

The wind blew pure sand
across our rough edges
dusting us with yesterdays footprints.

As we leave, making our own,
recreating the world
underneath our feet designing
naturalĀ man-made art.

In front of jealous water
waving to us goodbye,
washing away our own
world we had left lingering.



If I never realize
my highest hopes and dreams
could I rescind them?
Wrap them in a royal blue plastic bag
and recycle my used time,
to fund yours with
new-found nickels and dimes
to allow you to realize
your dreams in a manner I
never could on my own.


Uneven days
close curtains
on our
fabricated thoughts
held together
by strands
of unseen
violet dreams
reflecting themselves
off others
until finally
molded by
life’s kiln
with craftsmanship
achieved through
an artisan’s
uneven touch.

Time Takes After You

Time, intangible yet somehow
I was able to pack it away,
wrap it up and put my heart
and soul inside a box with it.

But I am left unpacking
the time that I had once
wrapped intended with hope
to be gifted to you.

My tears flood my palms,
causing the time that once fell
between the cracks between my
fingers to harden and stay.

But it will only ever stay so long
until it falls through taking after you.


My past is inked on my skin,
forever eschewed by the rivers of
jagged lines cutting across arms,
memories that once bled from my wrists,
all the while others
highlighted by the imperfections
that shine off-color offering up
variance to an intended
monotone skin.
My emotional scars lay beneath
throwing me off balance,
seen through the subtleties in my
actions that are characteristic of my past,
I wonder if my mirror reflects
those hidden thoughts, once buried,
and each time I wonder if I should just
remember to forget.