Momentous Hesitation

I saw you standing
only a syllable away,
momentous hesitation,
now my voice won’t
ever reach, you.



I told you that 
I needed you in my life. 
You told me that 
you felt otherwise.
I told you that 
I would wait for you. 
You told me that 
you thought I should keep waiting.
I told you that 
I have the courage to try. 
You told me that 
you don't want to hurt my pride.
I said you would be worth it, 
You continued to run and hide.

Forever A Stranger

I saw you
myself abstracted, unsure
what to do but as you
looked at me I
froze, your smile while
melting my heart, chilled my
lips now unable to talk,
that missed chance still
lingers in my mind
accompanying the unspoken
words on my lips.

Empty Conversations

I try to talk
to engage you, actively,
in a dance of words with me.

Twisting our tongues around
sounds, giving way to reason, or,
lack thereof,
allowing our imaginations to escape
the boundaries of our minds
yet you stand, statuesque,
firm in your ignorant state of non-amused
bliss, free from my conversation,
my creativity and words,
my world.