Catching rain with thimbles
small, delicate, shaken from induced chills
as droplets sieve through the holes
slowly caressing that shaking hand in cold,
comforting embrace of natural love.



Transparent ice
unveiling colorless

Now flowers, tress, grass
slowly populate,
announcing Spring.



Through my clouded breath a see the
first flowers of Spring, awestruck I stare
wind chilling my face as I pause to take in
the beauty of nature, yet this act
has come too soon for the winter plays on
refusing to listen to its curtain call lining the world
with white nothingness instead of living warmth
yet out of nothing these flowers spring, unfortunately
they spring to soon to survive, their beauty holds me for a moment
when I would rather it grasp me forever as greed
takes over, removing the only green from sight
placing it into the folds of my book
now I carry beauty in my bag,
a beauty that came too soon to be appreciated by everyone
yet appreciated by me forever.


We are all here waiting
for you to arrive.

Yet as you take your time
nature slows down and stops to smell,

The roses which have yet to grow since
you decided to take your time in coming.

Yet when you arrive we will rejoice
forgetting entirely that you made us wait.

Since that is just how human
emotions work.

Both for each other and
towards nature and life in general.

If we can, we forget, sheath, hide away
the negative and see only what we want.