Why must I maintain my relationship with
God, in the confines of a church?

Or according to the teaching of a religious leader?
For my relationship with God is private.

Self-contained and expressed just the same.

My body is the temple,
my heart is the altar,
my thoughts are the scripture
voiced through my words and
validated into something tangible
through my actions.

Lastly my soul,
my soul is His
warmed forever as it bathes in
His light on a level I
could have never achieved in a group.



When I look at you
I realize that fate
made you my soul-mate
and that we began as
nothing more than strangers
with a mutual hobby of


Uneven days
close curtains
on our
fabricated thoughts
held together
by strands
of unseen
violet dreams
reflecting themselves
off others
until finally
molded by
life’s kiln
with craftsmanship
achieved through
an artisan’s
uneven touch.

Time Takes After You

Time, intangible yet somehow
I was able to pack it away,
wrap it up and put my heart
and soul inside a box with it.

But I am left unpacking
the time that I had once
wrapped intended with hope
to be gifted to you.

My tears flood my palms,
causing the time that once fell
between the cracks between my
fingers to harden and stay.

But it will only ever stay so long
until it falls through taking after you.

Forced Smile

Inside of myself exists a soul more powerful
than the muscles that give me the strength
to smile each and every day as I continue
to live my life knowing.

Knowing that your absence is only physical
yet my spirit cannot connect to you just yet,
every day, hour, minute, second,
exists as a reverberation.

Echoing that time when I last
saw you, heard you, felt you.
Your words silently fell lifeless from your lips
as you sounded out an unintentional goodbye.

Effectively ending and beginning chapters in my life
both with and without you and so now I smile, for us.