Urban Decay

What makes you beautiful isn’t
your makeup, it isn’t your
“Urban Decay”, nor how you
carry yourself around the city
navigating life with a simple
generational compass;
I see more life in your eyes
when freed from lines of constraint,
your natural blush glows best
brightly highlighting your genuine smile.





You defined my imagination 
so let me 
redefine my mind
still numb from the morphine 
drip, attempting to form 
morphemes in line to that steady beat 
as my thoughts react 
synapse snap, I feel it 
necessary to stop 
yet you smile, flash, 
that photograph out of place
of time, timeless, 
my words structured by 
deviations from my mean 
meaning extremes, stability torn 
until someone else stole me from 
that frame of reference and 
actually cared.

One Last Time


May I see you face one last time,
I asked before you left
yet I could not see clearly
vision clouded by tears but still
your face,
that unchangeable imprint in my mind of
happiness, smiles, joy and now
I wish I had seen you one last time with a smile
spread across your face since that is all
that I wanted to be able to make you do.


It’s been a while since I have
had my breath taken away
but it happened the other day.

Innocent of your beauty
and condescending it, yet at the same time
you are exemplary of cute perfection.

That laugh and that smile
made not only my day but unless
seen again, my week.

But I will not show my thoughts
for those must wait until,
if ever, you are able to reciprocate such feelings.

Your Flowers



Your Flowers

As they wilt I,
I and only I remember how they
once bloomed alongside your smile.

But now they sit confined in what was
your favorite mug, the one you drank
from every morning with me.

As they wilt I,
I and only I remember how you
once made my heart jump with joy when
I handed them to you, alone and together.

But now I sit confined in what was
us, together and yet never will be again
sitting in our, now my bed, every morning.

Without you,
only your memories and that flower filled mug
but both of those wilt with time.