Him evanescent
with all powerful glory
yet, He raises me.


Morning Service

White washed walls gleam with
stained hues frothing freely
vividly infused with Gods breath,
beating once, twice, until a gasp of
relief falls violently out of the
knots in the cherry stained oak
pews lying supplicant with the awakening
of the church accompanying morning service.


Why must I maintain my relationship with
God, in the confines of a church?

Or according to the teaching of a religious leader?
For my relationship with God is private.

Self-contained and expressed just the same.

My body is the temple,
my heart is the altar,
my thoughts are the scripture
voiced through my words and
validated into something tangible
through my actions.

Lastly my soul,
my soul is His
warmed forever as it bathes in
His light on a level I
could have never achieved in a group.


Society has forced fed me,
the general rules and regulations that
culture our daily lives, consequently
as I grew older I felt afflicted; sick,
succumbing to the sour words that
stick in the back of my mind as they
slowly slide down my throat and into my vocabulary
defining unitarily what and who I am, but wait.
I regurgitate, vomiting up defenses and
reasons for my being me and
pleading the case of a natural cause
for this inhumane murder of right vs. wrong
to the judge evidenced by
passing glances, second looks, and intolerant words.
To no avail, I am given life in prison by being found,
But my reprieve is my aversion to
the negativity on society’s spoon,
my lactose intolerance renders me unable to
see, smell, hear, taste, or touch, and not react. For I,
I spit out logic, turning societal mush into
a delicacy that warms the body and soul
to help people helping me cope.


Swirling in everlasting ethereal essence
rarely touching upon single definitions
thus given no solidarity in meaning, only expression.

Universally felt by each, Once Upon A Time,
framing the good with joy while giving form to
enraged envy among other emotions.

Unable to be controlled, they take hold
and so, is this Sin?

Sin to feel envy or to be
jealous, or is Sin contrived only after
surpassing a symbolic and emotional state?

Evolving into actions for which
we are to be and will always be
individually responsible.