Alcoholic Remains

I scrub, clawing at my hands
with rough sponges soaked
in bleach, so that I can
remove any physical trace.
Forgetting that reality is
defined by my mind and that
just because the thick booze is gone
doesn’t mean it never happened.



Her eyes spoke to me that day,
sunlight penned her story as it
shined glistening off
water-colored green and brown
causing the paint on her face to run
adding value to the masterpiece that she is.

Cars rolled by providing background
to her kneeling, hands cupped head raised
smothered though are the sounds of
angry apologies that steamed from
her quivering lips.

The space between us became endless
my eyes darted, leaving,
betraying you all the while I
had thought that I knew what strength was,
now I know I was wrong.


Completely underwhelming,
my presence in that space
voids filled by others
and my otherness.

Relaxed, feeling fleeting
when I come to terms
but by no means relaxed
when you come to mind.

My passivity removes, myself,
leaving only apologies
floating in that
space between you and, I.

Brevity breeds regret by hesitation,
unfortunately regret is not brief.

5 A.M.

I arise, darkness lights my eyes
casting shadows, over my room
my world made stranger through familiar lens,
startled I turn.

I see, hear, feel you
I brush Icarian hairs from your face
skipping a kiss off your nose,
I create ripples to disrupt the dark.
You, unaware and unconcerned,
play wife to your dreams
still in bed with that strange familiar darkness,
I concede my Persephone to thee.
I arise, darkness lights my eyes,
forced by tasks, I shatter the still.
I enter that darkness with regret
for leaving you creates true darkness.