Clear cerulean sapphires having dropped
surmounting to an asymmetrical reflective haze
causing me to look twice as it
abstracts the world from itself.


Curious Weather

It’s raining again,
and my mind fixates on
the curious raindrops peeking too far
and falling in the midday sun,
colliding onto the asphalt
dotting it with wet reminders of chance
and landing on you,
highlighting your skin with a shimmer of
rainbow inducing magic
leaving no room in my mind
to think about anything else but
how the raindrops can occupy
our minds,
but I cannot enter your thoughts.

Cloud Coverage


Laying back gazing
at hidden stars
covered by clouds
growing ever darker
with approaching

Broken by water
falling with
random predetermined
soaking my thoughts
drowning my sorrows
but allowing
buoyant positivity
to survive.


Slashing winds, howling, immutable,

crying out to




harsh equally on all, as if

lamenting the loss of a friend

throwing tears against the world

with water fueling the fire.

How long can the wind blister

our soul?

Until it is unable to mime

mankind’s capacity to harm.


Sometimes I just sit back and watch
the sunlight fall hitting the
dirty puddles of yesterdays rain.

I reflect, as the sun bounces off
into my eyes making me blind from the
outside world allowing me to see myself.

Like the puddles I am illuminated
in the sun, and muddied from yesterdays rain
but unfortunately I cannot evaporate.

In time the puddles will disappear and the
mud will turn to dirt and the world will
forget they were ever there.

But for me that is not possible,
each puddle reminds me of myself
and each sunbeam shows my puddle to the world.