Beyond Attitudes

Beyond attitudes frost lingers
as the chills from open apprehension
spread across hardwood floor boards, endearing,
no one with suspended breath.

Hanging on the edge of a second
slipping away: farther, closer, quicker.
Minutes memorialize each
unrealized moment.



Oftentimes, the most
difficult things in our lives
are the dreams we have.

Morning Service

White washed walls gleam with
stained hues frothing freely
vividly infused with Gods breath,
beating once, twice, until a gasp of
relief falls violently out of the
knots in the cherry stained oak
pews lying supplicant with the awakening
of the church accompanying morning service.


When she asks about me
tell her that I still care,
please tell her that I moved on
that I never meant to let her go.
But tell her I that I became a teacher
who finally learned
but, don’t tell her that I miss her
as those words are too much for me,
if she is happy now
that’s all I’ll ever need.

Cloud Coverage


Laying back gazing
at hidden stars
covered by clouds
growing ever darker
with approaching

Broken by water
falling with
random predetermined
soaking my thoughts
drowning my sorrows
but allowing
buoyant positivity
to survive.