Status Quo

Asphalt cracks,
blossom in
overgrowth from
uninhibited weeds
bearing resemblance
to our
status quo.
Below average
becomes average,
and inner-city
students wilt
splitting seams,
in education,
forced unraveling
by students
falling. Failing.
Both weeds
get cut
before they
can live.


Flurried Thoughts

Flurried thoughts splatter
against the windows of pain.

Momentarily freezing, pondering melting,
into an opaque fog childishly cloaking

fear among chills betrayed
shivering in centimeters apart from

all other emotions but, solitude still
prevails in front of everyone’s eyes.


My uninspired attempts at masterpiece
sear the tips of my fingers that charcoal infinitely 
onto innocent paper, scarring its symmetry with
coarse words whose sounds scrape, strangely
unaware of their existence, against each other
etching impulse into, my, reality
that of imitation mass produced 
norms that confound the essence of  life.