City lights endure,
permitting protection from darkness
cutting into the general surroundings, with
unequaled brilliance. I, alone in the night
lost in clarity as a memorandum of
fog, forged by decaying cigarettes, left
unattended by pedestrian eyes signaling to me the
cracks in the sidewalk that supports the city.
Supporting the daily commute and crime,
murdering my childish smile when one cigarette
smolders out making me notice
blood drops on the concrete.



Blind stumbles numb my hands
smacking into half-painted walls
leaving smudged reminders, of where
I am or was but exuding no direction,
my fingers point up and left right,
with no care for etiquette riddling to each
onlooker my worries; what will become of a
man who feels lost in his home.


Shafted lines pushed to the peripherals
of sight jolt away, replaced by
straighter darker lines
thickened with blurred crimson
vainly darting, jagged, sudden,
crackling as the tinder
feeding an unilluminating flame
curving vision to trace
shadowy outlines spaced, dancing
static to the blazes metronome
slowly creeping closer.

One Too Many Excuses

It took one too many excuses
until I heard your silent steps

finally exposed, squeaking through
the cracks in your well worn quiet mask

held together by your, motionless touch,
and etched with picturesque words

now nothing, but visual reminders
of those one too many nights.