Status Quo

Asphalt cracks,
blossom in
overgrowth from
uninhibited weeds
bearing resemblance
to our
status quo.
Below average
becomes average,
and inner-city
students wilt
splitting seams,
in education,
forced unraveling
by students
falling. Failing.
Both weeds
get cut
before they
can live.



Catching rain with thimbles
small, delicate, shaken from induced chills
as droplets sieve through the holes
slowly caressing that shaking hand in cold,
comforting embrace of natural love.

Natural Holocaust

A natural Holocaust rages, today
tearing away at the elderly standing
for decades and now, overturned.
It consumes, burning brightly a
condolence candle composed of acres
melting together in ashen soil.
It denies, habitual homes and
dewy dusk laden grass growth
currently fenced in.
Restrained by manufactured life
tiling leased land feebly privatizing life
momentarily without hindrance
focused solely on today.

Stolen Sunlight

The stolen sunlight trickles down
simmering on our placid faces
wisps releasing silent steam hang
our time together, frozen as
dew on the pine trees whose
slender fingers tie the our cords
into a hang-mans knot, criminal only
of stealing days punishable by being
noosed for the rest of the night.