Silent Ink

I saved these thoughts
reviving from the depths
of my irrelevant mind, then
expressed in my silent ink
and vocalized by others,
dead-set on personal interpretations
accusing me of victimizing myself,
I am fortunate though, as
sad emotions outweigh
feelings of nothing at all.




Superman, attributed to himself
yet only the car was made of steel.
His future lingers past dawn, resting
on the horizon forever intangible.

Still he fights forward unaware
old surroundings dismembered by sights and sounds.
His actions harmless in intent due to
the incontinence of his thoughts.

Ideas swerving in and out of his mind
casting shadows over his eyes.
Illusive objects moving while still,
jumping out and standing instantly.

Kryptonite in the form of a dream,
empty nothingness, brought on by a final happy thought.

Our Conversations

Sometimes when you are talking I,
I close my eyes and allow myself to
drift away, float on the syllables of your words
and be carried away by the harmonic tones of your voice
if only for a minute while I,
I feed my soul from the sweet, delicate sounds that
resound off your lips echoing in my head
making me no longer a fugitive to my woes, instead now
free, my mind focused on nothing, relaxing to the
warm embrace your everyday song,
until it is my turn and I forget how to speak for fear that I,
I will ruin your song and return to my reality.