Furrowed chagrin colors my face
streaming profusely, still yet to be
streamlined as rough, unidentified edges
bound and actively define the
tunnels cut through tears that salt
and erode, once dimples, making stale
my favorite smile.



Catching rain with thimbles
small, delicate, shaken from induced chills
as droplets sieve through the holes
slowly caressing that shaking hand in cold,
comforting embrace of natural love.

If This Is Me

A two a.m. reflection dazes me, as
if this is me:

If this is me, I,
still remember to never forget you, too.
If this is me, you know.

You know I think about you,
wondering meanwhile, how am I.
If this is me, speaking clearly in private
unable to let gravity pull those words
into and out from my mind.

If this is me, walk softly: dance
around my reflection with your eyes.
Tread the water that fills mine
and float slowly out of sight if
this is me,

just know that patience drifts
on with the two forevers that
have haunted me since I realized
it is me not you.

Stolen Sunlight

The stolen sunlight trickles down
simmering on our placid faces
wisps releasing silent steam hang
our time together, frozen as
dew on the pine trees whose
slender fingers tie the our cords
into a hang-mans knot, criminal only
of stealing days punishable by being
noosed for the rest of the night.

Eroding Marble

Impersonal under-shoveled ditches
memorializing over-burdened heroes,
weeds medal and embellish,
standing honorably obtrusive against the
drifting dandelion seeds dusting over
the sea of eroding marble
annually drifting aimlessly
gently covering last-years footprints naturally
in high-tided waves that foam over my sole
effectively washing away my sorrowful
map to your mark.


Grandfather explained his passing
delicately with whistled speech,
disregarding doctors notes and crafting
his own, revealing himself slowly
telling me that; snakes,
burrow beneath his hands
creating tunnels for veins
as their fangs sink into his knuckles
setting up a poison drip causing
monstrous creaks every time
he extends his hands, fingers reaching
for an antidote to cool that fire
inflaming his heart and eventually…
I understood.