Omnipotent, hardships free
God-given rights
allegedly offered to others in
pseudo trades that labor,
today and evermore as ignorance
overflows their chalice but never quenches
for its embroidered weight in
blood-diamond and emerald chips
tips Liberty’s scales,
colored as an unjustly harvested field
hoping only for one diamond to unset, stick,
in the throats of the guilty.


Morning Service

White washed walls gleam with
stained hues frothing freely
vividly infused with Gods breath,
beating once, twice, until a gasp of
relief falls violently out of the
knots in the cherry stained oak
pews lying supplicant with the awakening
of the church accompanying morning service.


Why must I maintain my relationship with
God, in the confines of a church?

Or according to the teaching of a religious leader?
For my relationship with God is private.

Self-contained and expressed just the same.

My body is the temple,
my heart is the altar,
my thoughts are the scripture
voiced through my words and
validated into something tangible
through my actions.

Lastly my soul,
my soul is His
warmed forever as it bathes in
His light on a level I
could have never achieved in a group.

Recreating The World

The wind blew pure sand
across our rough edges
dusting us with yesterdays footprints.

As we leave, making our own,
recreating the world
underneath our feet designing
naturalĀ man-made art.

In front of jealous water
waving to us goodbye,
washing away our own
world we had left lingering.

Falling Star

I wish that I could dig,
bury myself deep within a tome
finding words with the strength to
lift your spirit and keep you Alive while I,
I try to thieve the pain from your eyes
that I see build and crystallize
every time you feel the need to cry.
So I try,
to make a star fall
creating a natural movement in the distance
that will astonish your’s and our Father’s eyes,
who now hears, my silent prayers as I
turn my wordless voice up to Heaven to reach his ears, for you,
to allow you to cry,
While you gently step past the years of sorrow
on your mind so you can have
the future that I want for you,
so I wish.