Playing Host

At first you wanted a friend,
I obliged, time is money however
and I paid the price being around you
as our friendship evolved, parasitic.

Next you wanted knowledge, to act:
how why when where what who in addition to
every other fact that I could divulge, and you judged none,
but echoed them one after another into others ears.

Finally you robbed the food from my garden
as I now chomp down on empty cold steel
grinding my teeth all the while as I saw you,
fill yourself on what I had sown.

I stand now, supported by weak limbs devoid of strength
to cut you off, but you have already found a new host.



When she asks about me
tell her that I still care,
please tell her that I moved on
that I never meant to let her go.
But tell her I that I became a teacher
who finally learned
but, don’t tell her that I miss her
as those words are too much for me,
if she is happy now
that’s all I’ll ever need.



What are the chances that we both
would have the opportunity to start something
together be it a friendship or relationship,
we won’t know until we try,
try to take a chance,
try to make this work,
try to see if we can work,
simply just take a chance since
we won’t know if it is worth it until
we finally say yes, and take that,

“I Don’t”

“I don’t”
Denoting a lack or a
Refusal of something or an
Explicit statement based on unwillingness.

“Love You”
Epitomizing what people desire
That warm feeling of fulfillment
belonging, commitment, and happiness summed up.

In regards to what was
What can and no longer will be
expressing only the past, while implying a future.

“I don’t love you anymore”
The vocalization of the loss
Of emotional and physical connections
Thereby ending a relationship and friendship
Essentially closing a chapter of my life.