Shafted lines pushed to the peripherals
of sight jolt away, replaced by
straighter darker lines
thickened with blurred crimson
vainly darting, jagged, sudden,
crackling as the tinder
feeding an unilluminating flame
curving vision to trace
shadowy outlines spaced, dancing
static to the blazes metronome
slowly creeping closer.


Hot Air Balloon

I glide under the sky-scraping looks of
others as I partially inflate myself
with a heated sorrow, giving
rise to mere momentary self-loathing, for
a prolonged anger would cause
the entirety of my vessel to
catch aflame and burn alive.


One fluid motion
tiny Promethean gift
a small beginning.

Unwanted Zephyr’s
flickering wisps in hot air
survives, with more might.
Yet then, falls sparkling
end and start, inflamed souls rise
hand too, nothing is safe.
Quickly out of hand
onto double string.
Lighting dark faces
glowing, brightly, lou of love;
pale shadows cast black.
Irrational fire
decidedly lonesome waste
war has no winners.


Charcoal, abused by infernal contrast
exists only to support that which is
alone, cannot start yet can extend
until it pales and disappears.

Hope, kindled over a small fire
fed by obtuse promises
inflamed with burning passion
sometimes forgotten, left unturned.

Blackened outlook, charred…over-cooked.
Gingerly clawed at in futility,
knowing inability still attempts
yet physicality has no incorporeal form.

Hope phantasmal as smoke
observable but inquantifiable

Prayer Candles

Irrational fire
what was your eternal want
was he desired?

Irrational fire
formed, from motive or none,
why do you perplex?
Irrational fire
births sadness and release,
raise already dead.
Irrational fire
you melt the molded wax off
candles for our lost.