Flurried Thoughts

Flurried thoughts splatter
against the windows of pain.

Momentarily freezing, pondering melting,
into an opaque fog childishly cloaking

fear among chills betrayed
shivering in centimeters apart from

all other emotions but, solitude still
prevails in front of everyone’s eyes.



The butterflies in
my stomach become
food for thought,
twice eaten –
once forced down
and they whispered that, I,
couldn’t live off emotions


Alone, I set fire to
all the lights in my house
and in that illuminated inferno
I still deny myself
the common courtesy of
looking straight, into a mirror
for fear that I may not find
the light inside of my pocketed eyes.

Nothing To Fear

I, know there is nothing to fear
for, I, have my windows open permitting
unfiltered light to naturally dance upon walls
but, I, know that those walls will never be more lively
than when, I, make-believe animals with shadows and cast
the absence of light against the wall with motionless movement
provided by the ever setting sun but, I, fear not the sun setting
nor do, I, fear the darkness that disembodies my imagination
and turns my out stretched hand foreign from my body
but rather, I,  fear that this is as lively as my home
will ever become with walls colored through
created shadows instead of painted by
love, that is what scares me.


Un-vocalized taps ignite, decibel explosions,
proving the still microphone to be turned on,
unfortunately I am wavering, shaking too much to
nimbly thread my syllabic needle into
the ears of the audience and sew sentences;
fabricated by my passive lips now hanging numb,
mourning their sudden loss of motion and
still trembling I release tension, breathing
a shuddered sigh all over the room before
I finally begin.

Stuttered Speech

I stutter, speaking
in a language accessible only to
those who feel like me,
an unbalanced combination
of fear, laughter, pain, and love
topped off with your
special ingredient, humiliation,
but you will never eat that which you cooked
so thoroughly,
since I will never bother you
with my words again.