While I was doing nothing I was
of embarking on an
epic adventure full of
problems, and monsters, and just
all around nasty situations that
you would expect in an adventure but
my dream,
was about me, waking up and seeing,
laying next to me smiling, gently breathing with my
new consciousness unknown,
but it was my dream,
my dream where we could
be together in a grand adventure,
face all of our demons, solve all of our problems, and just
have fun together.
But however, it was just a dream,
my dream,
and now I lay awake in reality where I wish
that for a moment that once again
tonight when I close my eyes
I can open them next to you.



Abstract and absolute
Infinitely defining my current state of
Being and consciousness,
Giving unclear form to my actions,
Providing inaudible sounds for my words,
Giving boundaries to free roaming thoughts,
Nothing unintentionally devolving
Into something through a dream where
My actions,
My words,
My thoughts,
Mean everything
Even so still meaning nothing
So I awake…
But was I asleep as I dreamt
For my words fall on deaf ears,
Movements seen by neglectful eyes,
Thoughts heard only by me,
Something and nothing instantaneously.



An implausible possibility pulsating
my mind, spurning memories of times and places
and people.

But not you, memories never created yet
imagined infinitely my mind works
to illustrate unobserved foreign events.

Portraits of what could and can be
drawn to a halt by remembering
life isn’t played out in daydreams

Reality hits hard, gravity grinds
my minds gears to a halt leaving an impression
engrossed in possibilities awoken through thought.

But that is not life,
life pays no attention, you pay no attention
how can I get you to see
the thoughts of what we could be.