Natural Holocaust

A natural Holocaust rages, today
tearing away at the elderly standing
for decades and now, overturned.
It consumes, burning brightly a
condolence candle composed of acres
melting together in ashen soil.
It denies, habitual homes and
dewy dusk laden grass growth
currently fenced in.
Restrained by manufactured life
tiling leased land feebly privatizing life
momentarily without hindrance
focused solely on today.


Eroding Marble

Impersonal under-shoveled ditches
memorializing over-burdened heroes,
weeds medal and embellish,
standing honorably obtrusive against the
drifting dandelion seeds dusting over
the sea of eroding marble
annually drifting aimlessly
gently covering last-years footprints naturally
in high-tided waves that foam over my sole
effectively washing away my sorrowful
map to your mark.


Grandfather explained his passing
delicately with whistled speech,
disregarding doctors notes and crafting
his own, revealing himself slowly
telling me that; snakes,
burrow beneath his hands
creating tunnels for veins
as their fangs sink into his knuckles
setting up a poison drip causing
monstrous creaks every time
he extends his hands, fingers reaching
for an antidote to cool that fire
inflaming his heart and eventually…
I understood.

Once Alive

The privacy that protects youth
resulted in unabashed innocence
once alive, now cutting into my church as
each jagged edge matches the pace set by
parades of stiff funeral wear
proceeding down the center aisle
with me publicly in tow displaying
my profound discovery of lost innocence,
in an effort to see you for the last time.


Uneven days
close curtains
on our
fabricated thoughts
held together
by strands
of unseen
violet dreams
reflecting themselves
off others
until finally
molded by
life’s kiln
with craftsmanship
achieved through
an artisan’s
uneven touch.

Death’s Language

Sudden silence provided the best medium
for the subject of death to move,
transfixing everyone all at once
without a sound,
the floor softly cries, now
holding the weight of sadness as well,
and we all knew that death was a subject
to be avoided,
but knowing could not prevent
us from happening upon it.

Forced Smile

Inside of myself exists a soul more powerful
than the muscles that give me the strength
to smile each and every day as I continue
to live my life knowing.

Knowing that your absence is only physical
yet my spirit cannot connect to you just yet,
every day, hour, minute, second,
exists as a reverberation.

Echoing that time when I last
saw you, heard you, felt you.
Your words silently fell lifeless from your lips
as you sounded out an unintentional goodbye.

Effectively ending and beginning chapters in my life
both with and without you and so now I smile, for us.