A sandstone well in the oasis of an urbanization
fits impossibly precise to the brick shells strangers call home.

I draw from that well, pulling muddied water
soiled from the community’s negligence and I drink some.

Each sip brings me closer to an exorcism of the demons
I cannot fight, fear is formless, and heated ropes sear my hands.

Again, deceit passes my lips entering a chamber of secrets
and it floods, unfortunately, my demons know how to swim.


Stained Glass

We were as fragile as stained glass
and you knew,
I had set out the base and you
painted with me our memories,
stained them into a glass that would
reflect ourselves with the colors of our past
softening ourselves in the light.
Yet as your heart grey weary
your hands drifted, our brush was dropped
mixing unintentionally the reds blues greens
of our lives into a black that spread,
spilling into the crevasses overtaking the spaces
intentionally left blank now highlighting our love
through dark contrast and
unfortunately black does not reflect
the light all the well.

5 A.M.

I arise, darkness lights my eyes
casting shadows, over my room
my world made stranger through familiar lens,
startled I turn.

I see, hear, feel you
I brush Icarian hairs from your face
skipping a kiss off your nose,
I create ripples to disrupt the dark.
You, unaware and unconcerned,
play wife to your dreams
still in bed with that strange familiar darkness,
I concede my Persephone to thee.
I arise, darkness lights my eyes,
forced by tasks, I shatter the still.
I enter that darkness with regret
for leaving you creates true darkness.