Wearing Hearts

I thought that I wore my heart
on my sleeve, but now I lay
aside myself and I feel
not my hands cupped pillowing,
softening the irate shakes and
throbs that accompany the violence
that is my heart melting from the inside
out through my watery, blurred, vision.



Mute, yet still she sobs,
crying with body language
but we were all blind.

Red Balloon

Your new Red balloon
swelled with contained joy,
but was never able to float you
away into the endless sky since
you gripped it too tight.
Weighing it down
as your heart steadily beats,
pumping air into your grounded feet
and sweaty palms,
all the while burdened by
a heavy look in your Red framed eyes.

Falling Star

I wish that I could dig,
bury myself deep within a tome
finding words with the strength to
lift your spirit and keep you Alive while I,
I try to thieve the pain from your eyes
that I see build and crystallize
every time you feel the need to cry.
So I try,
to make a star fall
creating a natural movement in the distance
that will astonish your’s and our Father’s eyes,
who now hears, my silent prayers as I
turn my wordless voice up to Heaven to reach his ears, for you,
to allow you to cry,
While you gently step past the years of sorrow
on your mind so you can have
the future that I want for you,
so I wish.

Death’s Language

Sudden silence provided the best medium
for the subject of death to move,
transfixing everyone all at once
without a sound,
the floor softly cries, now
holding the weight of sadness as well,
and we all knew that death was a subject
to be avoided,
but knowing could not prevent
us from happening upon it.


Her eyes spoke to me that day,
sunlight penned her story as it
shined glistening off
water-colored green and brown
causing the paint on her face to run
adding value to the masterpiece that she is.

Cars rolled by providing background
to her kneeling, hands cupped head raised
smothered though are the sounds of
angry apologies that steamed from
her quivering lips.

The space between us became endless
my eyes darted, leaving,
betraying you all the while I
had thought that I knew what strength was,
now I know I was wrong.

Shared Tears

You held
our future,
delicate, in your
small shaky hands.
All the while
unnerved by its
known fragility
and that inevitable
Now your
closed fists have
crushed and thrown
away, us,
dismembered instantaneously
with the verbal
punches, as if
practiced repeatedly
for months so that
you could fight
with your eyes closed,
vision blurred
by our last
shared tears.