Through my clouded breath a see the
first flowers of Spring, awestruck I stare
wind chilling my face as I pause to take in
the beauty of nature, yet this act
has come too soon for the winter plays on
refusing to listen to its curtain call lining the world
with white nothingness instead of living warmth
yet out of nothing these flowers spring, unfortunately
they spring to soon to survive, their beauty holds me for a moment
when I would rather it grasp me forever as greed
takes over, removing the only green from sight
placing it into the folds of my book
now I carry beauty in my bag,
a beauty that came too soon to be appreciated by everyone
yet appreciated by me forever.


What is a Book


Concretely a collection of words
broken down through punctuation
given life through interpretation.

Abstractly a culmination of thoughts
bound only by the bindings and the cover
limited through who picks it up.

But yet those definitions
don’t how I look at books,

I see a mystery contained in words
portraying images illustrated on a landscape of
interwoven text creating life through my imagination.

I see a romance given love,
not only through my feelings about the proposed relationship
but through the hard work and general love the author himself gave his piece.

I see non-fiction
as the result of a life worth noting
worth knowing about for one reason or another, trivialities included.

Most importantly I see a reason,
A reason why someone wrote the book,
be it a message, information, fun, or something else entirely
that is what a book is, it is not a hard bound cover containing pages
but it is what I want it to be and it means
what I need it to mean.

Wags the Small Big Dog

Well this is the story that I wrote for my class figured I’d put it here.

Once upon a time
There was a really small dog,
This dog was called Wags.

Wags’ had big parents
his dad and mother were tall
just like his brothers

He always felt small
when he was next to them all
his nickname was “runt”.

Feeling small felt bad
Wags decided to leave home
So he could feel big

After seven days
Wags sees a really tall tree
It’s an apple tree

Wags jumps at the tree
Trying to get the apple
But he is too tiny

A giraffe appears
The giraffe begins to eat
Wags calls the giraffe

“Can you help me sir?”
The giraffe cannot hear Wags
Wags is too quiet

Wags decides to eat
The extra bone that he has
brought for his long trip

Wags comes to a pond
He goes to drink some water
and spots something big

A rhinoceros
heads towards Wags and he hides
in the thick tall grass

Wags tries to be brave
He asks the rhinoceros
“How are you so big?”

“I was born like this”
says the grey rhinoceros,
but Wags was born small.

Wags then walks away
so that he can take a nap
but when he wakes up

He sees a lion
The lion looks at him and roars
Wags gets frightened,

Wags starts to run but
the lion catches up fast
and then Wags asks him.

“How are you so fast?”
To which the lion replies
“Because I am big.”

Wags decides to go
and starts his long trip back home
but there’s a problem

His families best
and their most favorite bone
Has disappeared

His family has
looked in all the high spots
but they can’t find it

They ask Wags for help
Wags starts to search right away
he looks for two hours.

Wags looks high and low
He crawls under a couch and he
squirms under a desk

He rolls under beds
and sniffs through some dirty sheets
But he can’t find it.

Wags goes outside to
rest due to all the searching
and he spots the bone

The bone is on the
other side of the chain fence
Wags calls his parents

his family comes
no one in his whole family
fits under the fence

Wags decides to try
he lays on the ground and crawls
Wags just makes it

His family cheers loud
as Wags returns with the bone
He finally feels big.