Looking close one dawn
fog unveils lush vibrant life;
flowers in mid-bloom.


A Connection

A connection is born on autumn leaves
exemplifying elderly grace as they
tint the ground haphazardly and then
when played on, harmonize with the wind that
so gently chose and cushioned their fall from
home and somehow somewhere you felt that breeze too.


True beauty is more than a quantity,
it cannot be defined as a combination of qualities
just as it cannot be contained by a shape, a form, or a single color.
Beauty is everything, everywhere, and nowhere
sights which astound and amaze do not appeal to
those who cannot see and so they cannot appreciate their
“beauty” yet to others beauty is an act.
A simple willingly done action giving form
to thought and creating emotions of joy that are described
in the only sense that they can be and that is beauty.
But beauty is not simply an action, nor is it a combination of
emotions, sights, pleasure, or actions
beauty penetrates and becomes someones soul since we are all
so why do I feel ugly, why does anyone feel ugly when beauty is
just living.

Incomplete Beauty

Incomplete Beauty

Just as simplicity is,
the highest form of
Little imperfections,
slight deviations from “perfect” form
tiny unique differences that help you to
stand out,
from the masses make you
You don’t need to add makeup to
your already gorgeous face for
the sun and the light of your eyes is all
that I need to see how beauty radiates
from your lovely face as you achieve
perfection and beauty in my eyes through
your small, quirky, imperfections.