Him evanescent
with all powerful glory
yet, He raises me.


Rural Dreams

Obsidian sunrise shelves the
evergreens nocturnal illumination.

Canines deafeningly mask
chilling eastward howls.

Storms slowly pacify
symphonic cricket violinists.

Untouched crimson-bricks
set aglow framing the family fire.

Reflective Eyes

Her eyes reflected the scenery
adding an artist’s delicate touch
through ancestral colors,
shaping both anticipation and loneliness
in abstract and incomplete lines
radiating around the solid black
of her unfocused stare.

Maybe It Will Snow

Maybe tonight it will snow,
dress the unruly world in
a uniform white that calms,
bleaching dried grass and pale cheeks
alike leaving the world awash of color,
taking exception only to that hue
which sets your eyes aglow.

Recreating The World

The wind blew pure sand
across our rough edges
dusting us with yesterdays footprints.

As we leave, making our own,
recreating the world
underneath our feet designing
natural man-made art.

In front of jealous water
waving to us goodbye,
washing away our own
world we had left lingering.