Stick Figures

Free-form sticks figure on the wall
playfully smudged, during hide n’ seek,
camouflaging vain innocence touched
only through distilled light
allowed entry into the home by passing
silken tests that sway uniform to nothing,
but the seconds, humming aloud
breaking the echoes of childish breath
hastily hushed when driven out in anticipation
by the sight of my feet from their haven.


True Artist

Arthritis acting up prevents the artist
from painting with swirled medium
unable to whip blue hues across space
whom calmly dance upon the canvas, leaving
inflammatory reds procured through
the violent lashings of its creation
on the creator as the true artist
submits himself to his work.


Shafted lines pushed to the peripherals
of sight jolt away, replaced by
straighter darker lines
thickened with blurred crimson
vainly darting, jagged, sudden,
crackling as the tinder
feeding an unilluminating flame
curving vision to trace
shadowy outlines spaced, dancing
static to the blazes metronome
slowly creeping closer.

Stained Glass

We were as fragile as stained glass
and you knew,
I had set out the base and you
painted with me our memories,
stained them into a glass that would
reflect ourselves with the colors of our past
softening ourselves in the light.
Yet as your heart grey weary
your hands drifted, our brush was dropped
mixing unintentionally the reds blues greens
of our lives into a black that spread,
spilling into the crevasses overtaking the spaces
intentionally left blank now highlighting our love
through dark contrast and
unfortunately black does not reflect
the light all the well.

One Last Time


May I see you face one last time,
I asked before you left
yet I could not see clearly
vision clouded by tears but still
your face,
that unchangeable imprint in my mind of
happiness, smiles, joy and now
I wish I had seen you one last time with a smile
spread across your face since that is all
that I wanted to be able to make you do.