Flurried Thoughts

Flurried thoughts splatter
against the windows of pain.

Momentarily freezing, pondering melting,
into an opaque fog childishly cloaking

fear among chills betrayed
shivering in centimeters apart from

all other emotions but, solitude still
prevails in front of everyone’s eyes.



That wave, undertow envelops,
and through pushing pulls me beneath.
I gasp, choking on salty nothings
fighting fictitious waves to no avail,
for on your tongue an unsaid narrative hangs.
Dying, wrapped at the throat while
trying to sink me, deeper yet
and I succumb, alone, to unrelenting you as
I find myself stuck somewhere
between crossroads.

Not Yours

I am not yours, nor lost in you,
rather lost in myself
perturbed, deep, confused thoughts
labyrinthine when confessed.

Red smiles that played beacon
now hide, shrouded in uncertainty
forcing unwilling steps from
my self-guided wandering feet.

Lost not in you,
lost in our memories, alone.

Our Bed

If my feelings could move through the air
then maybe they could reach you,
the new-found black hole lives
between, threatening to swallow all of our,
no wait, my,
emotions before they can reach you.
Yet the sheets, they cover more than the
bed as they separate our bodies and our minds,
can you feel more than physical touch?
Can you feel my heart beating, as it
pulsates the air to its loving rhythmic
exuding only sweetness and softness for you
but as your cold words freeze the air
your stress-filled stares shoot down my feelings
and I am left laying awake in bed,
next to you yet alone, wondering,
are we really together?