Heavy Rain

Your words drop, raining
heavily down dampening
my soul with intent.


I See You

Unfortunately I see
you in my
My fist disturbs
that surface,
rippling both
natural water and glass
but still I see you
reflected in my broken face
and in my recent past.


True beauty is more than a quantity,
it cannot be defined as a combination of qualities
just as it cannot be contained by a shape, a form, or a single color.
Beauty is everything, everywhere, and nowhere
sights which astound and amaze do not appeal to
those who cannot see and so they cannot appreciate their
“beauty” yet to others beauty is an act.
A simple willingly done action giving form
to thought and creating emotions of joy that are described
in the only sense that they can be and that is beauty.
But beauty is not simply an action, nor is it a combination of
emotions, sights, pleasure, or actions
beauty penetrates and becomes someones soul since we are all
so why do I feel ugly, why does anyone feel ugly when beauty is
just living.


It is like I have arrived
to class a little to late
and everyone is staring at me.

I can feel the glare from others
penetrating and engulfing me until
I feel they know my secrets.

My secrets, synonymous with my emotions
which are equal to my thoughts in character
and finally expressed in turn through my actions.

So I need some medicine
a cure for this vulnerable feeling
a fix for this unrivaled pain.

Yet I have heard of no medicine which
can cure such a disease,
I do not suffer from a physicall illness.

Rather I need a cure for the disease of
being too open with my feelings and letting
people in to see how I truly feel.

I need some medicine for myself,
but more importantly to cure me from everyone else.



How do I begin
to describe what I do not know
in the first place?
Should I try to define
my lack of understanding through
words which may be interpreted wrong?
Must I attempt to give reason
for why I believe what it means
to me?
But to me its meaning is
only mine and mine alone.
Shared with everyone
but understood by none, including
That is how I define my
a confusing heavy weightless emotion
indescribable through words,
better pronounced
through actions.