Other Blogs I Like

1. http://wordsofanangrywhitegirl.wordpress.com/

About this blog:

“Hello internet friends. I’m your angry white girl. I’m way more chic than your average college student and a better advice giver than your best friend. I like to experiment in multiple styles of writing as well as share my experimentations in college with you all. I love feedback and comments as well as support from those you think I’m not so bad at what I do…I hope you enjoy my blog.”

2. http://fairytaleepidemic.wordpress.com/

About this blog:

“365 days of music, feelings written in poetry, spoken word pieces, and even a few cooking posts. Click the link and prepare to lose yourself to the epidemic.”

3. http://mjraik.wordpress.com/

About this blog:

“I’m  just an ordinary person, writing from the inside. I don’t consider myself as a real poet, I still have lot of things to learn, I guess.  Most poems  I’ve written were just simply  based from  what my emotions had  dictated on me on such particular time , it’s a mixture of different feelings and random thoughts, from my experiences, dreams, desires and longings. My goal is just to share . People will know me better through my personal poems and of course hoping they could get good  insights.”


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