Furrowed chagrin colors my face
streaming profusely, still yet to be
streamlined as rough, unidentified edges
bound and actively define the
tunnels cut through tears that salt
and erode, once dimples, making stale
my favorite smile.


14 thoughts on “Chagrin

  1. Inspired by Twilight? Meyer uses the word Chagrin extensively throughout the books and the eye you’ve chosen is how her vampire’s eyes look. I’m probably reading too far into this 😀


      • Thanks, it would be cool if sometime I was published somewhere or in something but since tons of people write poetry it is really hard to stand out lol. So I will just keep writing and hope the right person eventually sees something they like.


      • Yeah or they know someone in the publishing business that is willing to throw them a bone. It is too much, I mean I have college professors that write poorly but have been published multiple times with poetry books. It is kind of irritating sometimes.


      • As soon as you have a title like professor or P.h.D., the work automatically sells better, think Doctor Phil.

        Professors can also get published through journal articles and the like. Not to mention that a lot of colleges actually have an in-house printing press attached to the college itself. Kind of seems unfair, but it’s a good way to get highly educated and well known at the same time.

        Maybe I’ll publish something through my university at some stage. Couldn’t hurt to write for the college new’s paper. A lot of parents with connections still read the college paper and I’ve heard numerous stories of students getting a decent writing gig just because they wrote for the school paper.


      • That sounds pretty cool, and yeah I just think that writing should be judged objectively based on content/creative value instead of on the author him or herself. But the college newspaper is a good idea.


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