The butterflies in
my stomach become
food for thought,
twice eaten –
once forced down
and they whispered that, I,
couldn’t live off emotions


19 thoughts on “Butterflies

  1. Great feeling in this poem. The twice eaten intrigues me. I feel there is a lot of double meanings in here. I like how the last line can be interpreted two ways…living off only emotions, and living off emotions by oneself. Keep it up and the haiku, too!


  2. I can so much relate on this poem. Few words but so vast of meaning. “Butterflies in my stomach”, this is what we are craving in a relationship.We seek relationship to experience this again. “Twice eaten, once forced” I love this as I am seeing myself with this line. Love for the second time around, they say is sweet but know I’m doubting it. And finally, my favorite line, “I couldn’t live off emotions alone”, this line should what I must think! You know what, your poem of few words hits me like lightning. Thank you for sharing and Im sorry for this long comment. 🙂


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