Rural Dreams

Obsidian sunrise shelves the
evergreens nocturnal illumination.

Canines deafeningly mask
chilling eastward howls.

Storms slowly pacify
symphonic cricket violinists.

Untouched crimson-bricks
set aglow framing the family fire.


5 thoughts on “Rural Dreams

  1. Oh wow, a Follow! Thank You!

    What makes me follow back is the chance of comments. You could consider my own poetry, on the tag “verse”, and I have been writing a lot of personal stuff which comments can validate: if someone talks about them, it makes it worthwhile putting it out.

    Follows without comments are worthless to me, because anyone can follow for evah and then just ignore the read/following page. Though you have brought me here, once at least.

    I comment back, of course. I like the dogs louder, and worse, than the foreboding sounds of the wind.


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