This Is Not For You

It opens by telling
“This is not for you”, unfortunately
caution was never in your character
and so you embarked, journeying to the
pivotal moments in my life, flipping through the
heartbreak that infested my otherwise mundane etchings
and pausing upon assumed smiles painted in verse,
plagiarized, nonetheless by myself, from the other me:
the one that hummed to the sound of your laugh
harmonically creating a melodic medication I used to
subvert some of the pain, and still the rest bled into those pages,
buffered, filtered through as if you caught all the dust before I could
inhale each breath making me more pure than I was a second ago,
but I always would exhale, inducing harm,
twitching, your eyes glance from line to line executing my text
and as you operate on me a continued nausea builds,
slowly affecting you and as you hear my footsteps in the hallway you
unsteadily replace that journal and
surprise yourself with an uneasy smile.


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