You stood both beside and behind
myself, jesting in an improvised mockery
of my words that had struggled through the very
space between us, to reach you,
as if you took our very interaction for granted.



I sit now, trembling
in perfect stillness with
an undesirable ache to
move but I fear motion.

A cold shiver rattles
my brain as my thoughts begin
to make sense of my bodies
petrified state for I am guilty.

I plead my case to no one by
doing nothing, and I shall now
pay for my crime as a bystander
through continuing to look.

Unable to help, even when, I began to see
your lips quiver redefining what it means, to move.

Once Alive

The privacy that protects youth
resulted in unabashed innocence
once alive, now cutting into my church as
each jagged edge matches the pace set by
parades of stiff funeral wear
proceeding down the center aisle
with me publicly in tow displaying
my profound discovery of lost innocence,
in an effort to see you for the last time.

Heart of A Lion

You’ve got the heat of a lion
vigorously pulsating bravery
through your body as you stand up,
not ignorant of the talk that flies above
dive bombing into your skin trying to
tear off tiny pieces of you until there is
nothing left for even the vultures themselves,
but you’ve got the heart of a lion,
making sure that your vision stays clear
keeping tears from your eyes and using
the salt rather to thicken your skin, beautifying,
invisibly scaring you, marking you with
a confidence that is felt, and it feels like silk,
expertly crafted from the finest of material
and sewn together in a stitch that
can never be undone and eventually
it doesn’t seem to matter
what they say. 


Why must I maintain my relationship with
God, in the confines of a church?

Or according to the teaching of a religious leader?
For my relationship with God is private.

Self-contained and expressed just the same.

My body is the temple,
my heart is the altar,
my thoughts are the scripture
voiced through my words and
validated into something tangible
through my actions.

Lastly my soul,
my soul is His
warmed forever as it bathes in
His light on a level I
could have never achieved in a group.

Court Jester

Why must I consistently
play the fool for you?
The proverbial you used
as if royal but there is no
we, just me and then you,
on different levels for how
can I play jester to your
court when I am trying to court,
perhaps you will see my true
intentions before I finish entertaining you.