Un-vocalized taps ignite, decibel explosions,
proving the still microphone to be turned on,
unfortunately I am wavering, shaking too much to
nimbly thread my syllabic needle into
the ears of the audience and sew sentences;
fabricated by my passive lips now hanging numb,
mourning their sudden loss of motion and
still trembling I release tension, breathing
a shuddered sigh all over the room before
I finally begin.


8 thoughts on “Wavering

  1. Incredible writing and description. You managed to capture an abrupt, striking moment in time which, I feel, all of us have felt at some point in life – fear, nervousness – of simply speaking. Words seeming to be forever lost. A feeling of regret.
    Your descriptions are wonderfully imaginative and poignant. The idea of sewing sentences into the ears of the audience struck a chord with me. It is something that I can almost imagine…
    I liked the last sentence, more a cliff hanger than an actual ending – leaving it open to the reader’s imagination, unknown as is the case in life. All in all, great work.


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