Moving On

How can I know if I
have moved on,
actually separated my past
with my present while
obstructing you from my future?
Is the answer in my words,
visible in how I talk to my friends or family?
Who might interpret my
words as an act to veil my true feelings,
but don’t my actions define my thoughts
or is it the reverse,
in which my thoughts tell me how to
act, speak, feel?
So how can I know if I am really
over you?
How can I define my infinite actions,
speculate over how I articulate,
and muse over my thoughts
when now
I am reflecting on you, us, me.


3 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. I love how writing can help us express our thoughts freely and really help us capture what we are feeling. Especially when dealing with something like a break up. I know how you feel, stay strong!


  2. I have always felt people who come into our lives, leave a part of them behind..however big or small. an inseparable part, memories, footprints. accepting that with an open heart and not trying to fight thier presence in mind, thoughts has helped me. once there is acceptance, there is the release..


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