When I Was Young

When I was young I would look down,
hiding inside of myself to avoid
looks from others as I was different,
I spoke in my own way
expressing myself inexhaustibly until I
used my entire vocabulary in a breath
but I was never heard
So I looked down.
For when I looked up I was ignored,
given looks from above that
chained my young mind aging me,
I was given words that were foreign to me but
made especially for those a little different,
and so I look down,
away from my parents
who never heard either,
away from my teachers who practiced passivity
but questioned mine.
So I looked down and saw the stairs
leading me up
away from the crowded ground
allowing me to look down,
see where I came from
forcing me to look up,
away from the sadness beneath and speak
my foreign unwanted words
until not only myself, but everyone could hear
so even if they cannot understand
they could feel the passion in my words
both crucifying and forgiving the world simultaneously.


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