Not Yours

I am not yours, nor lost in you,
rather lost in myself
perturbed, deep, confused thoughts
labyrinthine when confessed.

Red smiles that played beacon
now hide, shrouded in uncertainty
forcing unwilling steps from
my self-guided wandering feet.

Lost not in you,
lost in our memories, alone.


8 thoughts on “Not Yours

  1. I love your poetry. Pls indulge me and have more confidence. You don’t realise how great you are. Google Mandela’s inauguration speech; he was talking about you x


      • Kind yes but honest. You don’t ‘know’ me but I never say what I don’t mean. Unless you don’t value my judgement, I write crap poems so how would I be able to recognise raw talent??
        Did you recognise yourself in Mandela’s speech?


      • Yes I was able to resonate with his speech at some parts and thank you again for you faith in me and my writing abilities, hopefully someday I will self publish but I am still far from anything like that with volume of material and audience. But I can still hope 🙂


  2. hey you didnt return the compliment ha ha. Hope yep there is always hope, I’d like to do the same too, one day. Like you I don’t know if my poetry is good enough or if anybody would want to pay to read it.


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