Writing Process

Hello fellow bloggers and whoever happens to see this post. I am curious to hear about your own writing method, I find myself torn between the two and cannot decide if I write better when I plan my poetry (think of a topic and then work everything over repeatedly) or if I simply just sit down and let myself write revising maybe one or two times but mostly keeping things as they were originally written. So how do you write?

And feel free to leave a comment as well if you desire.


4 thoughts on “Writing Process

  1. Writing is an expression, based on inspiration which is derived from any source..but its a voice from within..then must write it down quickly..whether its a poetry or prose. It is an idea, turned into a post..before posting its always good to re-read , as if you didn’t write and understand ..how it is in quality ..is it easy to read.. clear and smooth etc..those criteria are writer’s choice..so it can vary.
    Write..right..when right..then write 🙂


  2. These days I have noticed that I like writing in the traffic or at work when I’m being rushed between tasks. I think writing needs energy so I would walk around or clean if I’m home. I like to use a black pen on a small folded piece of paper that I discard after typing it up on the computer and while I’m typing new ideas might come out or I might edit it, but I usually have pretty much the structure in place already. Most of the time I choose a topic, once in awhile I get a phrase or I wake up with a full formed story and then I flesh them out.
    And because I know that life is always larger than writing, I make sure I write for myself, I want to really have an out of body experience with my writing and I hope my readers feel the same too.


  3. To be honest, I don’t know much about poetry. I know,of course, that it doesn’t have to rhyme. Rhyming is kind of immature. But for me it feels good to put rhymes to my feelings.
    Poetry I write best, mostly when I’m depressed. (lol)
    And since I want to share it with my friends, I need to seek ways out of my depression within the verses. And believe or not, it actually does help me.


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