If I never realize
my highest hopes and dreams
could I rescind them?
Wrap them in a royal blue plastic bag
and recycle my used time,
to fund yours with
new-found nickels and dimes
to allow you to realize
your dreams in a manner I
never could on my own.



Wrinkled and weathered
exhausted and beautiful,
is your olive skin.

Red Balloon

Your new Red balloon
swelled with contained joy,
but was never able to float you
away into the endless sky since
you gripped it too tight.
Weighing it down
as your heart steadily beats,
pumping air into your grounded feet
and sweaty palms,
all the while burdened by
a heavy look in your Red framed eyes.

Curious Weather

It’s raining again,
and my mind fixates on
the curious raindrops peeking too far
and falling in the midday sun,
colliding onto the asphalt
dotting it with wet reminders of chance
and landing on you,
highlighting your skin with a shimmer of
rainbow inducing magic
leaving no room in my mind
to think about anything else but
how the raindrops can occupy
our minds,
but I cannot enter your thoughts.

Falling Star

I wish that I could dig,
bury myself deep within a tome
finding words with the strength to
lift your spirit and keep you Alive while I,
I try to thieve the pain from your eyes
that I see build and crystallize
every time you feel the need to cry.
So I try,
to make a star fall
creating a natural movement in the distance
that will astonish your’s and our Father’s eyes,
who now hears, my silent prayers as I
turn my wordless voice up to Heaven to reach his ears, for you,
to allow you to cry,
While you gently step past the years of sorrow
on your mind so you can have
the future that I want for you,
so I wish.