Sorry I’m Not Sorry

I am no prince,
I lack shining armor.
I won’t ever be wealthy,
I have no castle.

You have more charm than I,
my armor is scarred from protecting you.
Money alone wont make me feel rich,
my home is where you  are.

I’m sorry life isn’t a fairy tale and I’m no prince,
but I am not sorry that I am me.


9 thoughts on “Sorry I’m Not Sorry

  1. Your poem is honest and down-to-earth! You do seem to have a romantic heart: “my home is where you are…” and you also accept yourself: “but I am not sorry that I am me”….Beautiful!


  2. In many ways and thoughts we seem the same, but I don’t buy that you are you and l am me…

    Thank you for the follow


    • Thanks, you are right in that it is the most important, for this one I was feeling kind of down/sad and out of that came this poem and it kind of feels like the whole thing builds up to that realization just as I did.


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