Your response to everything, nothing, 
you sit on my words 
hatching eggs of indifference to occupy 
what free time you do have. 

Actions indefinable as they subtly 
confuse, both leading and pushing me 
simultaneously as we pretend 
to play at a relationship. 

Do you not yet care or is it 
not yet visible that I do?
Could it be, choice listening and
blindness that makes you oblivious? 

To me trying to make a beginning 
that now looks more like an end.


2 thoughts on “Inopportunities

  1. Your attack on indifference makes it impossible not to comment; whether to a perspective lover or casual reader, the challenge is personal, direct, and engaging, and not a little intimidating…it’s like daring someone to pick up a loaded gun…what is to be done with it?


    • Thanks for the comment, and its just that indifference to me is a horrible thing. I would rather know where someone stands, how they feel, what they want to do i.e. as opposed to be left guessing as to what the person wants. That being said I prefer people to speak their mind and if speaking your mind is like metaphorically picking up a gun then fire it, ambiguity and uncertainty are fine in some cases but they lead to doubt in relationships. Or at least that is what I think.


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