ill-informed ignorance

Preconceived notions coupled with
wrong connotations, evolve into an
ill-informed ignorance.
Capable of blinding not only the eyes
but soul and heart as well,
as it masks reality in a phantasmal froth.
I am not above this,
I know the appeal of seeing what you want,
what you need to be in front of your eyes.
But sometimes,
ignorance, fake realities, masks are
what we need to keep going.




You defined my imagination 
so let me 
redefine my mind
still numb from the morphine 
drip, attempting to form 
morphemes in line to that steady beat 
as my thoughts react 
synapse snap, I feel it 
necessary to stop 
yet you smile, flash, 
that photograph out of place
of time, timeless, 
my words structured by 
deviations from my mean 
meaning extremes, stability torn 
until someone else stole me from 
that frame of reference and 
actually cared.


I told you that 
I needed you in my life. 
You told me that 
you felt otherwise.
I told you that 
I would wait for you. 
You told me that 
you thought I should keep waiting.
I told you that 
I have the courage to try. 
You told me that 
you don't want to hurt my pride.
I said you would be worth it, 
You continued to run and hide.


Your voice lingers.
An after-image transposed
on my memory, eyes, ears.

Echoes of our past,
sounding off as reverberations in the
present, your once soft spoken words.

Quietly you left,
but you will never leave.