What Should I Remember

You are but now
only a memory of your former self,
my body remembers your feelings.

your touching my arm, sending
that jolt through my body
awakening my heart beating sending my
senses to the edge.

Your smile when I looked into
your eyes, gleaming in an endless sea
causing me to look away since I cannot truly
understand your beauty.

Your gentle kiss,
lightly tracing my lips and dreams
with your own, interlocking, entwined.

My lips now touch only
each other as they form words
and sounds lamenting your leaving.

My memories of your body trumped
only by my memories of your feelings and love
and of the times that we spent, good and bad.

But what should I remember?
Should I hold onto the past,
onto our times together?

When we would laugh
and drive out to the beach
to spend a day together in sweet uneventful bliss.

Or how we watched the
fireworks go off as we held each
other underneath in a glowing embrace.

There are the sad times,
when you first cried and
when I cried too.

When you lost the passion
which once burned brighter
than the starts which lit our nights.

But I remember it
all, entirely and I try
to let it go.
But I cannot,
the same way that I will
always love you, I will
always remember you too.
Will you choose to remember me?


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