What is a Book


Concretely a collection of words
broken down through punctuation
given life through interpretation.

Abstractly a culmination of thoughts
bound only by the bindings and the cover
limited through who picks it up.

But yet those definitions
don’t how I look at books,

I see a mystery contained in words
portraying images illustrated on a landscape of
interwoven text creating life through my imagination.

I see a romance given love,
not only through my feelings about the proposed relationship
but through the hard work and general love the author himself gave his piece.

I see non-fiction
as the result of a life worth noting
worth knowing about for one reason or another, trivialities included.

Most importantly I see a reason,
A reason why someone wrote the book,
be it a message, information, fun, or something else entirely
that is what a book is, it is not a hard bound cover containing pages
but it is what I want it to be and it means
what I need it to mean.


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