poetry doesn’t need
to look any
certain way
or even have a


Our Conversations

Sometimes when you are talking I,
I close my eyes and allow myself to
drift away, float on the syllables of your words
and be carried away by the harmonic tones of your voice
if only for a minute while I,
I feed my soul from the sweet, delicate sounds that
resound off your lips echoing in my head
making me no longer a fugitive to my woes, instead now
free, my mind focused on nothing, relaxing to the
warm embrace your everyday song,
until it is my turn and I forget how to speak for fear that I,
I will ruin your song and return to my reality.


True beauty is more than a quantity,
it cannot be defined as a combination of qualities
just as it cannot be contained by a shape, a form, or a single color.
Beauty is everything, everywhere, and nowhere
sights which astound and amaze do not appeal to
those who cannot see and so they cannot appreciate their
“beauty” yet to others beauty is an act.
A simple willingly done action giving form
to thought and creating emotions of joy that are described
in the only sense that they can be and that is beauty.
But beauty is not simply an action, nor is it a combination of
emotions, sights, pleasure, or actions
beauty penetrates and becomes someones soul since we are all
so why do I feel ugly, why does anyone feel ugly when beauty is
just living.


Words alike magic,
ignite in of themselves images and
connotations, thoughts, memories
capable of changing emotions and
correcting problems and yet
people use words to create problems,
draw out negatives and cause harm but still I
believe in the power of words,
the power of words to better a person and to
better a community since words
spoken, written, thought
are the only magic left in this world.

Mistaken and Misunderstood

Choices, I’ve made plenty
most the wrong kind compounded building upon
each other forming channels to let negativity flow in
but that’s not me,
misunderstood and mistaken, I keep waiting,
I put on a facade, smile and laugh,
yet no one sees me how I want so I know
that I am here without you,
you who will see me how I should be seen and
understand that not all my choices are bad,
not all my characteristics are negative,
that I am more than meets the eye.

5 A.M.

I arise, darkness lights my eyes
casting shadows, over my room
my world made stranger through familiar lens,
startled I turn.

I see, hear, feel you
I brush Icarian hairs from your face
skipping a kiss off your nose,
I create ripples to disrupt the dark.
You, unaware and unconcerned,
play wife to your dreams
still in bed with that strange familiar darkness,
I concede my Persephone to thee.
I arise, darkness lights my eyes,
forced by tasks, I shatter the still.
I enter that darkness with regret
for leaving you creates true darkness.